Origin and natural stone removal:

The Hellenic orogeny has created massive quartzite (metamorphic shale) in millions of years.
Huge confining pressure and high temperatures cause the sedimentary rocks recrystallize in a new metamorphic minerals co-composition. Under certain circumstances, this rocks that comprise solid layers with homogeneous quartz crystals and fine surface layers with muscovite mica occur (quartzite and mica schist also called). The mica layers are the natural cleavage plane.
The Kavala quartzite is known worldwide for the optimal crystallization in homogeneous quartz ribbons and particularly fine mica layers.

Natural stones in the processing:

The art of stone processing (splitting, sawing, finish) has a long tradition in Greece.

It takes years of experience to when manually split the rock properly "read" and to achieve a first class result.

The rock saws are equipped with industrial diamonds or corundum. Even when sawing applies: The rock must be "understood" to produce an optimal product.


Packaging and Delivery:

The fast and direct delivery of our products, for ourselves-evident. Own transport and logistical support in order processing, well-trained and reliable staff, and reasonable pricing complete our offer.